Paleo Diet Before and After Pictures: My Weightloss Transformation


Picture of me when I was 2months into the Paleo/Primal diet vs 5months into the paleo diet. The diet that works! There is a lot of weight loss on my hips and…

25 Responses to “Paleo Diet Before and After Pictures: My Weightloss Transformation”

  1. Christian R says:

    cute girl. fantastic way of eating.

  2. HeinzDerSchnelle says:

    diet is all about eating. exercise is just an enabler…

  3. alsameeg says:

    hahahahaha the cat was like O.O  WTF!!

  4. Simon Cooks says:

    hope you update this after 3 yrs on paleo, and then bloodtest and hearth scan results about 10 yrs.

    take care.

  5. orangecake68 says:

    you look awsome .great video

  6. stickNmoveX4 says:

    the accent is what makes me want to take a trip into your soul!

  7. danthadon87 says:

    your one sexy bitch

  8. thelonesoldier says:

    Your scar ain’t ‘stupid’. It’s cute.

  9. Daniella D'Cruz says:

    Hi there!i’m so happ to find your videos. I’m just starting out on a primal lifestyle and it all makes sense to me in an evolutionary sense. I was just wondering if you recommend cholesterol tests etc before beginning, or sometime after? I’m 33 and grew up in the UK eating cereals. I’ve been eliminating fat and salt for so many years i wonder if the incresed fat in coconut oil and red meat has affected me in terms of cholesterol!

  10. Jolita BrilliantDotCom says:

    well done!

  11. Iain Cameron says:

    Came to see more paleo info, got attractive girl AND paleo info. SCORE!

  12. Bass Player says:

    I can see the difference, it’s very noticeable.

  13. trisky1234 says:

    The lurking variable here is that you felt bad when wrapping up uni and feel good now you’re done. Tssk tssk, university graduate! However, I have started this diet myself, just to see how it will work out.

  14. ChangeOfHealth says:

    Wow you’re cute. I love the hair and glasses they fit your personality well.

  15. dogsarebetter says:

    Your waist is seriously a work of art…lol

  16. utburd says:

    I switched to Paleo a few years back, and lost about 10″ off my waist over the first year. Its an amazing diet, but at the moment my inspiration has taken a little dip and your videos are helping me refocus.

  17. beneathyourlove says:

    Is yoga actually fast? I want to sign up for it but I’m not that flexible, it takes time lol

  18. tophu1021 says:

    You look good. Keep up the good work. I started Paleo a few months ago and I definitely feel better. I don’t need to eat all the time. I never get drowsy or tired during the day. It’s definitely the way to go. Good work!

  19. endauthority says:

    Did you become that beautiful after the paleo diet, or were you always like that?

  20. Paulo Almeida says:

    Your smile is pretty awesome and sexy!! .)

  21. Shehasnomorals says:

    What do you usually eat for breakfast; if say you want meat for breakfast? Meaning something other than bacon and eggs.

  22. Bradford Champlin says:

    Great job. Paleo/primal eating has changed my life for the better in all aspects. Including Crossfit and now Intermitten fasting has helped tremendously! Congrats!!

  23. Tatelina says:

    Gah! Usual stuff = squats and sit ups? Eesh.. I usually do SOMA… its a form of Yoga but its basically Sitting On My Arse. Maybe I should try your usual stuff for a change. ;)

  24. sugarplumfairy555 says:

    pretty amazing! congrats :) 

  25. reddisiac says:

    First of all: I LOVE Your hair colour! WOW!!! You show us, that this diet definitely WORKS! I wish I was so sexy…;) Thank You very much! I hope You’ll inspire all of us! <3